Offering recurring payment options helps Blissology’s business thrive online

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Blissology is the study of perfect happiness and great joy; it’s a lifestyle. It uses the study of anatomy, alignment, and philosophy to teach others how to live this lifestyle. PayWhirls’ recurring payment platform helps Blissology students pay for courses and certifications by providing customers with multiple payment plans/options. Yogi surfer and philosophy graduate Eion Finn has taken his passion and created a program to teach others the strategies he found to bring more joy, awe, love, and bliss into life.

Since 1989 Eion’s been carving his tracks through the metaphysical worlds of yoga, philosophy, and movement.  He came to understand the critical pillars for health; and how important community and connecting with nature is to that life of health.  So he founded Blissology in 1999 to teach others how to live this newfound lifestyle. 

Blissology courses provide in-depth education for aspiring yoga teachers and enthusiasts through retreats, signature classes, teacher training, and certification courses.  Through this program, they’re creating a collection of well-educated yoga teachers who truly live the yoga lifestyle, across the globe.

Affordable Payment Options for Customers

“It really helps us to make the programs accessible and affordable.”

PayWhirl helps students make recurring payments for their yoga courses by breaking down the payment options into more manageable amounts. Low processing fees and simplified flexible billing allows students to take the classes they want and make monthly payments that fit their own budgets. 

“We used to use Shopify, but it took a lot of work to stay on top of reminding our students to pay for payment plans.”

During their last website overhaul, Blissology was exploring various payment options when they discovered PayWhirl.  Our widgets and tools cater to customers’ specific needs; which include customizable emails for various communication reasons. You can even send emails from your domain using SMTP.  PayWhirl doesn’t just stop at simplified billing and payment options like scheduling, so you can do more at a low cost.

“We love that PayWhirl allows people to create layaway accounts and streamlines the user experience. We also love getting out of the loop of reminding our clients to complete their payment plans.”

PayWhirl’s customer portal allows students to manage their own accounts, maximizing the efficiency between customer and company.  You can also integrate our customer portal login with your website directly; so your customers don’t have to go anywhere else to manage their information.  We put the control of how often you want to connect with your customers in your hands; this allows Blissology to send “out of the loop reminders” to their students for any reason.

Advice for Businesses

“Figure out what your business needs and try to find a platform that will offer options that are close to what you are looking for.”

PayWhirl has flexible subscription payment software that provides powerful widgets and tools to help handle recurring billing so you maximize revenue.  Engineered for flexibility our scheduling software integrates with reporting tools and metrics; so you can rest assured we have what you need. 

We’d love the opportunity to chat with you about your business needs. Please let us know if you have any questions about recurring payment options for your customers.