Iron Lion Soap expands their subscription business with “Soap-Scriptions 2.0”

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Iron Lion Soap (ILS) is a family-owned and operated business founded in 2008; by real people who wanted better soap for their family and friends. Soap is such a staple household item, and consumers don’t switch brands often. Well, at least once they discover ILS “SoapScription” service! This is mostly because people are such creatures of habit and it’s especially true in the soap industry. ILS recognised this years ago and has been using PayWhirl to help grow their subscription business since early 2016.

PayWhirls’ subscription payment software makes it easy for customers to order an ILS “SoapScription” online. It also makes it easy for soap subscribers to manage subscription changes, on their own, so employees of Irion Lion can spend more time working on their core business.

ILS delivers high quality all-natural handmade healthy soaps medicinal in their innovative formulas. Using all-natural time-tested ingredients and exceptional essential oils, ILS formulas are made to enhance day to day living.

Their all-natural hygiene products help heal and prevent skin tyrants like eczema, acne, ringworm, MRSA’s, athletes foot, hives, cracked skin, sunburns. Crafted to have anti-bacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties, ILS is naturally healing, klean, and easy to use.

How did ILS discover PayWhirl’s subscription platform and features?

We discovered PayWhirl after exploring many options that didn’t quite fit our needs.

The reason PayWhirl call itself “the most flexible subscription software on earth” is that we can do much more out-of-the-box than its competitors.  PayWhirl has powerful tools, widgets, templates, metrics, and reports to help businesses manage subscription billing without coding.  You don’t have to know code or have a developer to get set up

PayWhirl’s subscription platform is engineered for flexibility and built securely for online recurring payments. Whether you are selling subscription packages, pre-orders, fundraising, or offering payment plans you can maximize revenue with PayWhirl’s subscription billing tools.

Subscription Growth & Building Brand Loyalty

Typically a family will stick with a brand for 7+ years, and when they finally discover ILS we want it to be EASY for customers to subscribe keep us around.

ILS uses PayWhirl for their SoapScriptions. They offer a monthly craft-soap subscription for people who would like soap delivered on a regular basis.  Iron Lion transitioned from a home start-up to their own facility called, the “Lion’s Den” in 2015 because they have plans to expand their business further in the years to come.

PayWhirl has released a ton of new features in 2019, including several new reporting tools for clients to keep track of the their sales, churn and other subscription metrics. These subscriber stats help businesses like ILS make more informed decisions while growing and increasing their monthly revenue (MRR).

Check out Iron Lion “Soap-Scriptions” 2.0 product here, and read what their customers have to say.  They are real people making fantastic soaps and we’re thrilled to be able to help them on their SoapScription journey.

We’d love to chat with your business about your own subscription or recurring payment needs. We’re here to help!