Online payments, subscriptions bring CSA into the 21st century

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Campfire Farms is a farm in Oregon raising livestock on pasture and selling meat. The co-founders, Zach and Christina, started the farm with the mission to create a replicable model for carbon neutral meat production. Campfire Farms mostly sells its meat to people cooking food at home and sharing with their loved ones. The farm’s meat boxes are available at a variety of in-person locations in Oregon. They also accept online payments and ship to locations on the West Coast.

Campfire’s approach to sustainable farming

Zach and Christina’s approach to farming a combination of “old fashioned” methods that honor animals’ instincts and a forward looking consideration for the environment. Campfire Farm‘s mission is to reduce livestock stress and produce the highest quality, best tasting product possible for consumers and their families.

Benefits of Campfire Farms farming methods to support their online payments and subscription sales

Campfire Farms’ meat boxes cab be picked up at the farm, one of their markets, and shipped regionally. All Meat Boxes are available as a one-time purchase with the option to include a variety of add-ons. Campfire Farms also offers a selection of boxes as a subscription via online payments.

Partnering with PayWhirl

Zach and Christina were originally using WordPress/WooCommerce to handle their online payments. Paywhirl was recommended by a friend that helped them with the Campfire Farms website. 

“[Before we switched to PayWhirl for our online payments and subscription management] it felt like we were living in a house of cards.” 

Zach, co-Founder and Farm Manager, Campfire Farms

Community-supported agriculture meets online payments

“We use PayWhirl to keep customers engaged with our products, process online payments and manage subscriptions. It’s almost like a Community Supported Agriculture model for the 21st century, in our experience.”

Zach, co-Founder and Farm Manager, Campfire Farms

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model of food production and distribution in which a group of individuals or families, known as “shareholders” or “members,” purchase a share of a local farm’s harvest in advance. In return, they receive a regular supply of fresh, locally grown produce throughout the growing season.

CSA models can vary depending on the farm and the needs of the community, but the general concept is to provide a direct and sustainable way for farmers and consumers to work together to support local agriculture and access fresh, healthy food.

Advice from Campfire Farms’ Owner

“Find a product people use regularly! It’s expensive and difficult to acquire new customers. Be their answer for a specific need.”

Zach, co-Founder and Farm Manager, Campfire Farms

Reap the reward of online payments

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