Subscription sales help coffee business maintain consistent positive cash flow

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Black Coffee Roastery is a small black-owned e-commerce specialty coffee brand and pop-up cafe. The company ships fresh roasted specialty-grade coffee, sourced from several regions around the nation. It also offers CoffeeHead subscription sales. The company focuses on quality results in a cup of coffee that you can enjoy black.

What Sets Black Coffee Roastery Apart

The reality is that much of the coffee industry has been more concerned about profit than quality. Many coffee companies use older green coffee seeds and over-roast the product for the sake of shelf-life. Unfortunately, this causes it to lose most of its tasting characteristics. The coffee then sits on a store shelf for months before it gets in your cup, so the resulting brew is often unbearable without cream and sugar. But it does not have to be this way. Black Coffee Roastery provides the freshest roasted specialty coffee expertly sourced from around the globe. Customers can order online as a single point of sale or via subscription sales to receive recurring shipments.

Cold Brew Steeper from Black Coffee Roastery subscription sales

Adding a subscription sales component to coffee

Dante Williams, Black Coffee Roastery’s owner, was looking for a comprehensive way to add subscription sales to his business model. So he started looking into possible subscription apps. He found that PayWhirl met his parameters and pain points. PayWhirl is the first recurring payment platform Mr. Williams has used, and he has no plans to switch providers.  

“I utilize PayWhirl for our CoffeeHead subscription sales. It has benefited my business by allowing me to bring in reoccurring income and provide excellent coffee to my customers at their preferred frequency.”

Dante Williams, Owner/operator, Black Coffee Roastery

Advice from Black Coffee Roastery’s Owner

With subscription sales, businesses can generate a predictable revenue stream over an extended period. This predictability helps businesses manage their cash flow better, as they can estimate the cash inflow and plan their expenses accordingly.

“Adding a subscription sales option is a great way for a business to add reoccurring revenue to your business. Consistent revenue is critical for positive cashflow.”

Dante Williams, Owner/operator, Black Coffee Roastery

Add subscription sales to your business with PayWhirl

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