Quarterly subscription box of soulful stationary helps women keep self-care needs in mind

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Isis Ella Jewels is an online spiritual & soulful stationery company that specializes in planner, journaling, and crafting supplies. The entire line of products is designed to encourage women to plan for success. Owner and designer Erica Neal curates a quarterly subscription box filled with items to help get women in touch with their self-care needs. The stationery can motivate and plan out days or weeks, or prompt writing about your day in a journal.

Finding the right tool to manage a quarterly subscription box

Ms. Neal discovered Paywhirl’s subscription app while looking for a solution that offered her more control in collecting quarterly subscription box payments, and offered customers more control over their accounts. After considering all the providers available, she switched Isis Ella Jewels to the PayWhirl subscription app. Switching to PayWhirl has helped her to see more clearly how her customers interact with their accounts.

Prior to using PayWhirl, Isis Ella Jewels used Wix.com to host the quarterly subscription box and used Paypal as the payment portal.

“Using PayPal was ok as far as fees go on the quarterly subscription boxes, but PayWhirl’s attention to the smallest details on the accounts far exceeds what PayPal offered. It’s worth paying a premium for the exceptional service PayWhirl provides.”

Isis Ella Jewels

Advice from Isis Ella Jewels’ owner

It’s important to be consistent in any business, and that applies to our quarterly subscription boxes. It’s also important to make sure the investment and profit coming back to you is worth it. This can be especially tricky with subscription box services because inflation has a big impact on the bottom line. Be prepared to, and don’t be afraid to, change your prices often. 

To learn more about our flexible payment options, please reach out through the live chat on https://app.paywhirl.com. We’d love to hear how we can help your business.

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