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Subscription management with PayWhirl gives outdoor enthusiasts something to chew on

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Backcountry Fuel is dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts find the right foods and drinks to help dial in their nutrition. Backcountry Fuel offers a subscription box service featuring snacks, drinks, goos, and foods. Using PayWhirl’s subscription management app for Shopify, the company ships boxes all over North America to customers doing all kinds of outdoor activities.

A subscription box unlike any other

Ten years ago, if you were going backpacking, you would head to REI and fill your cart with one or two big brand’s bars. There wasn’t much in the way of options, nor was there much product innovation. Luckily, a wave of new products started hitting the shelves. To this day new micro brands are popping with delicious, energy-packed options for every type of outdoor recreation.

Backcountry Fuel was born after these new energy sources started flooding the market. The company’s founder, Cody Rich, loved the idea of getting a box every month packed with snacks ready to hit the hills. In fact, he loved it so much he created it. The company is run by a small team of avid hunters, skiers, and outdoor adventurers, with first-hand knowledge of nutrition needs.

The initial subscription management partner fell short

Before PayWhirl, Backcountry Fuel was using another, large, payment platform. To launch the company, Rich and his team implemented the most popular subscription management solution on the market and hit the ground running. Unfortunately, they encountered many challenges in the first years of the business.

“Our experience with Bold was less than amazing. We constantly had some issue or another. On top of always working with tech support, they were slow and blamed everyone but themselves when there was a problem.” 

Backcountry Fuel

PayWhirl offers excellent subscription management technology

Backcountry Fuel can’t say enough positive things about PayWhirl’s subscription management system. The app offers an excellent mix of features that support the company’s subscription service, and also has the flexibility to allow for growth as the company matures. 

“As a subscription box company first and foremost, Paywhirl is great for running our core business, but the app also gives us the ability to grow into other options.”

Backcountry Fuel

Advice from the Backcountry Fuel team

Choosing just any subscription management option, even the most popular brand name, could leave you less than impressed. Using a solution that doesn’t fit your company’s needs can end up being a gigantic mess. 

“Paywhirl has been amazing to work with. They quick to address issues and help solve them, and they are constantly working to make Paywhirl a better system. We are very happy with our choice to switch to Paywhirl.”

Backcountry Fuel

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