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Still Life Studios offers membership subscription with PayWhirl

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A shared passion for ceramic arts brought founders Ana and Mel together. Their love for the community created through working with clay, the opportunity of working with like minded artists and entrepreneurs, and the constant striving to learn and do more is what turned their passion into Still Life Studios. The two community pottery studios in Los Angeles offer pottery classes for beginners and more experienced artists. They also offer a studio membership subscription for people who have more pottery experience.

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A flexible studio membership subscription

Still Life Studios has two locations, one in Downtown LA and another in Santa Monica. They offer local artists several membership levels with varying studio access, storage space, and firing allotments per month. This allows local artists to choose the tier that works best for them. Still Life Studios uses PayWhirl to manage the monthly membership fees through the app’s subscription feature.

How does PayWhirl compare to other payment platforms you’ve used?

In the past Still Life Studios has used other payment platforms to manage their membership subscription payments. They decided to use PayWhirl when they joined Shopify because it’s the most highly recommended platform that is compatible with Shopify.

“PayWhirl was simple to set up and has been working well for our customers! If you’re looking for a way to set up subscription and recurring payments for an ongoing membership, PayWhirl works very well.”

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Advice from the Still Life Studios team

Choose a payment provider that has excellent customer service. Figuring out how to integrate various technological components can be exhausting and it helps to be able to get reliable and timely support.

“PayWhirl has great customer service, they are always a pleasure to work with.”

Still Life Studios

Are you interested in setting up a subscription membership or recurring payment offering? Our team is here to help find the best solution for your needs, so please feel free to reach out through the live chat on