Subscription Membership Breaks the Professional Coaching Mold with PayWhirl

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Collective Gain offers a professional coaching subscription membership for the highly ambitious and holistically minded. The company makes it easy for leaders, creatives and innovators to achieve personal and professional growth through the first-of-its-kind whole-human coaching membership.

A service-based business subscription membership

Lizzie Alberga, Collective Gain’s CEO and Founder, is driven by the desire to make work better. It is her hope that being on a magic team can be the norm vs. a rare chance occurrence. Combining these tenants and her experience resulted in Collective Gain’s unique professional coaching subscription membership. Collective Gain matches its subscribers with a coach, and subscribers can then choose how often they want to meet. This subscription model is the same as a company that ships a physical product, but Collective Gain uses it for a service-based business model.

“We discovered PayWhirl in the Shopify app store while we were looking for an app that would be flexible enough to work for our service-based offering. Paywhirl was the only option.”

Collective Gain

PayWhirl offers unparalleled customization

Creating a first-of-its-kind service means starting with a blank page and writing a story. Unfortunately that level of customization and creative flexibility can be tough to find in partners. Because physical products drive much of the innovation behind subscription membership based payment applications, the industry focuses on that model. Also, few of those providers are able to create custom-solutions the way PayWhirl can. So after researching the options, PayWhirl was clearly the ideal app for Collective Gain’s subscription membership payment model.

“There were a bunch of other subscription apps we looked into, but PayWhirl was the only one with enough customization for us to morph it into exactly what we needed. If anyone else is looking for a subscription app for their service based business, I highly recommend Paywhirl!”

Collective Gain

Advice from Collective Gain’s CEO and Founder

Alberga recommends finding a partner that is as committed to success as your business is. Putting together a successful business includes having top-of-the-line partners who can deliver on your behalf.

“If anyone else is looking for a subscription membership app for their service based business, then I cannot recommend PayWhirl highly enough!

Collective Gain

To learn more about subscription membership based payment models, please reach out through the live chat on – we’re here to help!

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