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Subscription payment platform helps Sock Panda give back

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Sock Panda is committed to spreading happiness by turning an everyday essential – socks – into something much more fun and expressive. The Sock Panda team creates high-quality original designs that make people say “wow!” Additionally, Sock Panda is dedicated to using its socks to make the world a better place. The company donates socks to those in need for every purchase (in person or through its subscription payment platform). The company has donated over 141,000 pairs of socks to homeless shelters, low-income senior centers, and under-privileged classrooms.

Sock Panda Pivots to PayWhirl

The Sock Panda team discovered Paywhirl while sifting through Shopify Apps and reading subscription payment platform reviews.

“I was ending my relationship with a different service and searching for a new payment platform provider. I needed to find something that worked seamlessly with Shopify and could provide customer service during my complicated migration.”

Jonathan Howard, Owner and Chief Panda Officer

In 2011, Sock Panda started as a subscription sock company. The company has grown beyond its monthly subscription offering, but stays mindful of where it started. More than a decade later, Sock Panda loves sharing it’s unique sock designs with the world and providing amazing surprise monthly socks that create smiles!

Online Payment Platform Subscription

“Paywhirl’s online payment platform has allowed us to simplify many of our backend processes and integrate our many offerings into a simple checkout flow. Turns out that was a pretty big task considering how old we are and how many different platforms we’ve used over the years.”

Jonathan Howard, Owner and Chief Panda Officer

PayWhirl subscription payment platform outperforms competitors

PayWhirl is the fourth subscription payment platform Sock Panda has used to handle its subscription payments.

“I have been lucky to have mostly positive experiences with payment providers. What I will say, is that Sock Panda has grown and evolved with the times, and sometimes subscription payment platforms have been too slow to do so.”

Jonathan Howard, Owner and Chief Panda Officer

Advice from the Sock Panda Team

“Be honest, fair and above board with your customers so they feel comfortable with the subscription experience. Don’t be afraid to error on the side of being too nice and flexible. That has gone a long way in garnishing repeat customers and great referrals.”

Jonathan Howard, Owner and Chief Panda Officer

To learn more about subscription payment models, please reach out through the live chat on – we’re here to help!

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