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Subscriptions via PayWhirl grow monthly revenue for UK-based company

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NMN Bio is a UK-based, anti-aging supplement company which offers high quality, optimised products, to keep people healthier longer. The company offers one-time purchases as well as supplement subscriptions to combat the slow decline of energy and focus as people age.

Fighting aging on a cellular level

The company sells supplement subscriptions that nourish cells, and help maintain peak performance after 30. It’s main product, called NMN, is a Vitamin B3 derivative that boosts mitochondrial production. It helps the body cope with daily DNA damage and insulin resistance. Additionally, NMN aids with faster recovery times after exercise, while preventing age-related muscle loss. It’s ideal for maintaining a competitive edge at work and life by taking one simple pill every morning.

“After studying aging and neurodegeneration during my PhD, I founded NMN Bio as I saw a gap in the market, with no reliable company selling 3rd-party tested NMN. As we have a very high repeat customer rate every month, we sought a subscription app that could help us improve our LTV.  “

Elena Seranova, Founder, NMN Bio
MNM Bio subscriptions

How subscriptions impacted NMN Bio’s bottom line

“We use Paywhirl for subscriptions to all of our products, and this has helped us grow our monthly revenue significantly. Our performance driven customers are valuing their time, and we managed to automate the purchasing process of their anti-aging supplements for them with the help of the Paywhirl subscription feature. It is convenient how we can edit or pause a subscription anytime is needed, as some customers are in need of this flexibility.”

Elena Seranova, Founder, NMN Bio

PayWhirl’s app comes through for subscriptions

Prior to transitioning to PayWhirl, NMN Bio used a different subscription app. Unfortunately, the company experienced integration issues that resulted in prices being displayed in the wrong currency at checkout. Not only was this confusing for customers, it unfortunately negatively impacted their sales conversion rates.

“We have not experienced our previous currency conversion issues since we switched to Paywhirl. And we’ve been able to integrate PayWhirl seamlessly with our Shopify store and all of the plug-ins that we are currently using.”

Elena Seranova, Founder, NMN Bio

Advice from NMN Bio’s Founder

An E-commerce store will not make you rich overnight, it’s a slow process you need to be working on every single day. But when all the pieces of the puzzle come together, it’s a game-changer. Once you address the fundamentals such as distribution funnels, analytics, email marketing, landing pages etc, it stops being an uphill battle. When these processes are automated, everything falls into place. And to coordinate all this, you have to be dedicated, productive and maintain your competitive edge. This is where our supplements come in.”

“PayWhirl is an excellent solution for increasing your revenue via monthly subscriptions. I would probably put it in the Top 3 things someone should integrate into their Shopify store, along with Klaviyo and an Upsell/Cross Sell app.”

Elena Seranova, Founder, NMN Bio

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