Membership automation features helped Platinum Skin Care’s online business flourish

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Owner Jennifer Tilney

No more watching for emails and manually upgrading accounts for Platinum Skin Care.  PayWhirl’s membership automation features work seamlessly with their shopping cart by automatically upgrading accounts from retail to VIP.  Jennifer Tilney founded Platinum Skin Care in 2001 starting with six products.  Today she’s created and provides over 50 different skincare products focused on acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, and scaring.  Jennifer wanted to make professional-strength skin care products for use at home as well as doctors and spa offices.

Her journey began with curiosity in fixing her grade 3 acne she had been struggling with for years.  Spending countless dollars visiting doctors and getting spa treatments to put her acne at bay or make it go away couldn’t go on forever; especially when the medicines they provided didn’t fix the problem.  She realized most professional products are not available to the average at-home consumer, or if they were, they’re incredibly expensive; so most people couldn’t reap the benefits.  After 18 years of struggling, testing, and creating, she found her golden ticket and kept going. Today Platinum Skin Care is putting an end to the endless struggles dealt with when it comes to problem skin.

“I did utilize another platform before PayWhirl. Unfortunately they  didn’t have the ability to instantly upgrade our membership purchases.”


Jennifer was looking for a way to give her customers special treatment when she created the Platinum VIP Membership program.  Consumers can purchase the membership and reap the benefits on their first order, or get automatically upgraded after their first purchase.  PayWhirl helped her automate her manual upgrade process of Retail to VIP Membership.  Our payment platform can automatically transition customers from one plan to another by creating custom billing schedules; also known as “chaining plans” together.

With an estimated 50 million people in the U.S. alone struggling with acne and realizing it’s not only a “teenage phase” Platinum Skin Care is confident you will return.  However, just in case shoppers are hesitant, PayWhirl has a specific checkout process.  During checkout, all customers’ accounts are created after the first step of registration, but before purchase; which is when the “Welcome Email” is triggered.  This membership automation feature works like a built-in abandoned cart system so you can market to the “lost” shoppers to help increase sales.  You can automatically have these customers added to a list using integration like MailChimp.  So as you can see we have many ways to automate membership details to help your business run smoother. 

“PayWhirl fit right in when we wanted to offer a membership program to our customers.”


Platinum Skin Care’s membership program lets you choose what you want to buy and the amounts.  Included with your desired order is a discounted price non-members can’t get (even with a coupon) loyalty points discounted shipping, and you get to choose two free samples. 

PayWhirl helps Platinum Skin Care manage all these variables automatically through our custom subscription checkout funnel.  Another PayWhirl feature Platinum Skin Care utilizes is giving the customer the ability to see their upcoming invoices and make changes to their subscription as needed.   They can do this from their customer portal, which also has countless features, including the ability to control in Advanced Settings.

If you don’t want to commit to membership first, but don’t want to pay full price they offer coupons and promo codes for non-members.  Platinum Skin Care achieves this by setting up promo, coupons, and discount codes, which is another attractive feature we offer.

 “PayWhirl works perfectly for us, and we plan on using it for many years to come.”

Not only does Platinum Skin Care offer spa and doctors’ grade products, but Jennifer has also included a plethora of information she has learned and become aware of over the years.  She offers comedogenic ratings on her products, instructions for how to use specific products like chemical peels, videos, face mapping information and has an extensive FAQ section on anti-aging.  Since nobody knows what products will work, Platinum Skin Care also offers consultations, so you have a better idea and see the direction you need to go to end your skin problems.

Advice from Platinum Skin Care

It’s essential to get everything done right the first time.  Make sure your recurring payment platform option works with your shopping cart.  Be sure you set up payment plans correctly; reach out and get your handheld as you set everything up.  Membership plans are an excellent tool for online retailers.  They make everything runs smoothly if set up correctly.