Loyalty programs, rewards & referrals for Shopify.

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Glow’s loyalty app provides Shopify merchants the functionality and tools they need to run a successful loyalty, rewards, and referral program without breaking the bank.

loyalty app for shopify

What is Glow Loyalty?

Glow loyalty’s three-in-one app helps businesses reward their customers, create loyalty programs, and reward/incentivize referrals for both referees/referrers.

1) Reward customers purchases with Points

Glow allows you to give members points for each dollar they spend on your Shopify Site, as well as award points for member’s birthdays, membership anniversaries, referrals, and other actions. We’ve even created a setup wizard that walks businesses through the installation process in five simple steps.

2) Setup Rewards so customers can redeem their points for discounts, free shipping or even free products on Shopify

Glow allows you to create custom rewards to encourage your customers to shop even more. These rewards include fixed dollar discounts, percentage-based discounts, free shipping, or even a free product.

When creating a reward, Glow allows you to set the reward’s cost and value. The cost is how many points the customer needs to redeem to unlock the reward. The reward value is how much the customer can save on their purchase.

3) Incentivize referrals by awarding points to both referrers and referees

We’ve made it easy to set up a basic affiliate program for Shopify using the Glow Loyalty app. In just a few minutes, you can create a referral program for your customers so they can refer their friends and earn points/rewards for each dollar the customers they refer to spend on your site!

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Who is it for?

Pretty much anyone with a Shopify Store!

One of the biggest challenges for modern online brands is how fleeting the interest and engagement of customers can be. You might wonder how some brands manage to cultivate a community that swells up in support on social media, blogs, and videos while most brands barely manage to maintain email interested email subscribers. Many things go into cultivating an invested community from your customer base.

That’s where Glow’s loyalty app steps up to the plate. By providing value to your customers via rewards they accrue over time from purchases they made or anniversaries or milestones they have achieved, customers will begin to feel good about interacting with your business. If customers feel good when they are on your site, the expectation is they will feel good every time they shop with you in the future.

This brand loyalty cultivated via rewards will create lifelong customers who, time after time, will come back to your site as their trusted partner rather than just a product they purchase regularly.

Why do you need it?

Simply put, customers enjoy earning rewards for being loyal to your brand. Many retailers currently use a reward program to attract loyal customers and encourage repeat purchases. Loyalty programs can also help differentiate you from your competitors, increase retention, and add value to customers.

A good loyalty program will guarantee your customers a reward. When it comes to rewarding your customers for choosing your brand, your loyalty program should ensure customer success. Providing incentives for customers referring their friends as well as offering additional savings for purchasing an item all create brand loyalty.

79% of consumers say that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands

The Loyalty Report 2019

Glow has experience with nearly every facet of Shopify eCommerce, including customer loyalty. By working exclusively with Shopify, we have an opportunity to improve your customer retention. We understand that customer loyalty can dramatically impact your ROI. Glow generously rewards your customers for every dollar spent and helps eCommerce brands realize their financial goals.

66% of consumers modify their brand spend to maximize loyalty benefits

The Loyalty Report 2019

Come check out how Glow Loyalty has designed guaranteed customer loyalty in one simple and easy to use Shopify app. If you have any questions about customer loyalty, rewards, or referrals for Shopify please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please contact us for more details about loyalty reward programs for your business.