How a 92 year old company automated sales across two different channels with PayWhirl

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PayWhirl’s automated sales features are helping Health-Mor operate more efficiently with subscription sale services across two different channels, eCommerce and phone sales. They took the world by storm in 1928 by delivering clean, healthy, indoor living environments for millions of customers in over 40 countries and is still growing strong today.

Founded in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois Health-Mor has manufactured high-end Filter Queen Majestic Surface Cleaner and Defender Air Purifier products. Their Majestic Surface Cleaners’ filtration system removes 99.98% of dirt and dust down to 0.1 microns.  That’s three times the industry standard HEPA designs.  Their Defender Air Purifier filters 99.99% of pollutants like mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and airborne chemicals, to name a few down to 0.1 microns too.

Automated Sales Features

With PayWhirl’s invoicing system, you can create a manual invoice or have them generated automatically. When creating an invoice manually, you can choose to make the invoice and item(s) recurring or a one-time sale. For this reason, Health-Mor uses this feature for taking sales orders over the phone and automated online. We also make it easy to resume a canceled subscription or installment plan.

“It also gave us a turn-key solution for the online subscription model we absolutely needed.”

BigCommerce and PayWhirl

Health-Mor found PayWhirl through the BigCommerce app store after they launched their first eCommerce site.  Between their Defender Air Purifier and The Majestic Surface Cleaner, it takes six different filters to run and has two additional parts that need replacing over time.  As a result, they needed a solution to offer subscriptions for the consumable pieces of their appliances to their customers.  BigCommerce and PayWhirl helped Health-Mor create a once manual process into an automated one securely and accurately without compromising their organization’s standards.

“Our 92-year-old company has been through lots of vendors on the technology side, and since day 1, PayWhirl has been an excellent partner.”

PayWhirl helped Health-Mor automate sales across two different channels and streamline a once manual process into a subscription process.  Our flexible invoicing options and simplified billing features help them get paid on-time, maximizing revenues.  Growing with technology and times isn’t something Health-Mor has a problem with any more thanks to Big Commerce and PayWhirl. 

Health-Mor newest manufacturing facility

“PayWhirl worked out of the box and had enough flexibility to work with multiple channels and multiple platforms.”

Advice from Health-Mor:

Stop looking for a solution that you have to sacrifice your business model to integrate with your systems.  They tried using many different payment platforms, but none had the flexibility and customization that we offered.