How Heavenly Hawaiian Farms automated subscriptions with PayWhirl

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With 64% of American adults consuming coffee every day (according to UCA) and ranking 26th on the list of countries who drink the most coffee, it’s no secret why the coffee business is so attractive.  Heavenly Hawaiian Farms found PayWhirl to help them automate their subscription plans so they could share their beans with the world.  “Coffee is the world’s most beloved beverage – and for good reason.  New Consumer values have changed the game for coffee.  But the industry is adapting – and thriving – by embracing innovation and transparency.”  Bill Murray – NCA President and CEO.

Dave and Trudy Bateman were onto something big when they decided to change career paths.  Dave, a USAF JAG, Washington State Assistant Attorney General, and Trudy, a senior RN at Olympic Emergency Room left their well-maintained careers behind to grow coffee on a large rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean back in 2005.  Battling the ever so demanding market worldwide they are the owners of one of the most highly awarded farms in Kona.

“PayWhirl is helping us connect with our Coffee Family.”


What you see and sign up for is what you get with the Heavenly Hawaiian Farms coffee club.  They offer no strings, fees, or contractual obligations when you sign up to get coffee; which is automatically shipped to you per your desired frequency.  They ship free to the US and discount international shipping rates; which is excellent since the top consumers of coffee are Finland, Norway, and Iceland.  Plus only members get access to their Peaberry coffee. 

That’s why PayWhirls’ subscription software works so well.  Our clients are not locked in by contractual terms and can cancel anytime without fees or penalties.  PayWhirls’ customers can customize their plans to fit their companies’ subscription structure.  Heavenly Hawaiian Farms grows, processes, and roasts ethically produced gourmet coffee for the world to consume. Just like PayWhril is built with subscriptions at heart.  We both love what we do and how well we do it.  Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world, and we are here to help producers like Heavenly Hawaiian Farms spread the love of coffee through automated subscriptions.

“PayWhirl was the perfect platform for us and is really easy to work with.”


Coffee farmers and producers like Heavenly Hawaiian Farms don’t have the opportunity to automate a lot of processes, leaving them little time to deal with managing a subscription club manually.  Because of the steep rocky terrain Kona coffee grows, it’s labor-intensive and doesn’t have the luxury to mechanize the processes of harvesting like other producers in the world.  One thing they can automate is their subscription club.
PayWhirl subscription process has created a way for Heavenly Hawaiian Farms to easily automate and adjust their monthly coffee club accounts and track the sales and revenues.  Once a customer signs up, they have the ability and freedom to change, upgrade or cancel their subscription at their discretion.  We help the processing and behind the scenes work much faster.

“I really enjoy their customer support.”

Heavenly Hawaiian Farms is reimagining and redefining Kona coffee already.  Aside from offering automated subscription plans, they opened a coffee bar, offer brewing workshops, have farm tours and tastings, and you can even rent out the house on the property through VRBO for a full-fledged experience on the island.  The Batemans’ are also in the process of building Kona’s largest coffee farm, Kona Hills Farm, on 1900 acres.  With all the health benefits from coffee, new studies are showing the world is going to need more coffee.


It’s essential to find a platform that works best for your company.  Make sure to do research and test out different platforms.  Make sure PayWhirl is on your list of platforms to test and try out because you will most likely find what you are looking for and more.