A subscription based marketing approach by the Weird Company

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The Weird Company is a subscription based eCommerce marketing agency.  They serve success in a non-traditional way with value-based pricing strategy rates based on how much their work is worth to the customer.  Founder, Duygu Ozen, has work experience that spans roles from start-ups to large corporations.  When starting her own business she knew she didn’t want to start a traditional agency offering long term contracts and billing by the hour including monthly fees.

Duygu wanted to give her clients the ability to upgrade their packages and the freedom to cancel when they want.  So she started The Weird Company, where clients have no contractual obligations and don’t pay for time, they pay for real measurable results every month.  Subscription plans are created and designed to scale with your business through upgrades and pricing strategies every step of the journey.  As a result, this subscription model fosters loyalty, trust, and business acumen for long term relationships

Customer Portal

PayWhirl’s customer portal lets The Weird Company’s customers see and control what they’re subscription entails each month.  Because they offer service packages according to a client’s business stage they allow monthly items to change with your company’s needs.  Their packages include Social Media Management, Marketing Management, eCommerce Development, SEO, Local Business Marketing, and Consultation.  So with three pricing plans per package, there is a lot to choose from.  Our customer portal provides their customers the ability to up-grade, down-grade or cancel at their leisure.  There are no contracts on either end; it’s that simple.

“PayWhirl features and pricing are perfect for service businesses.”

Subscription Tools

Our tools help their clients design a custom marketing plan to fit their business needs.  So after selecting a base program, The Weird Company works with its clients on what areas they need help in. This allows the program to be altered.  Tools like our Upsell and Pricing Table Widgets can be chained together. As a result, it gives customers the option to substitute package items creating custom “build-a-box” subscription plans
You can completely customize PayWhirl invoices to add extra information or remove anything you don’t want displaying to customers.  This customization proves valuable for companies like The Weird Company whose focus is their clients’ growth opportunities on the market and creating services accordingly. 

“I found PayWhirl and exactly what I  needed.”

The Weird Company is shaping the agency world as technology and cultures.  They created a subscription-based marketing approach so clients pay monthly to get all the benefits of a full-time online marketing agency at a fraction of the cost.  As a result, they earn a clients’ future business by showing weekly, monthly, and quarterly improvements. 

Advice from The Weird Company

You should focus on the clients’ needs and know which features will make them more convenient to use your services.  Then do tests and find a company that can provide those needs and functions like PayWhirl.